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Nov 2012 Newsletter ________________________________________________________
Spring 2014

Let Talk Turkey...
Thousands of Hunters Receive a Copy of God’s Word!

"Several of our Ministry Partners from the Middle Tennessee area had the perfect opportunity to “talk turkey” and pray with thousands of men, women, and children about Jesus Christ, at the annual National Wild Turkey Federation Convention, held at the Opryland Hotel this past February....”
Nov 2012 Newsletter ________________________________________________________
Fall 2013

Go Therefore into the Wide World of Sports - Running with the Gospel
at the Music City Sports Festival

"Go Therefore Ministries was blessed to have participated in the Music City Sports Festival; the inaugural event at the new Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee this past May. Thousands of like-minded sports enthusiasts came together to talk football, hockey, baseball, basketball, martial arts, and more! It was a perfect venue for Go Therefore Ministry staff and Partners to hand out over 3000 copies of our Athlete’s Life Reference Manuals to young and old alike...”
Nov 2012 Newsletter ________________________________________________________
Summer 2013

A Burden to GO! - Bringing Hope to the Devastation in Oklahoma
"On May 19th, Oklahoma was hit with its first wave of disastrous tornadoes that devastated 3 small communities. The next day, Moore, Oklahoma was then hit with the most powerful tornado anyone had ever heard of or experienced. With 24 lives lost, over $2 Billion in damages, and countless people asking “why”, we believed that God had called us there to be His hands and feet...”
Fall 2013 Newsletter ________________________________________________________
Spring 2013

Workers Needed! No Age Restrictions
"...When sharing the Gospel, we are not limited by age! We are seeing that everyone, young and old alike, have been called to 'GO THEREFORE, and to make disciples of all nations.' "
The “Owner’s Manual” Everyone Should Read
“We were all provided with an 'Owner’s Manual' to help us get through every circumstance in also includes information that no other book or manual written ever coul; it shows how we can actually have a relationship with the ONE who created us!”.
Nov 2012 Newsletter ________________________________________________________
Winter 2012-13

It's Your Family...Changing the World Starts at Home
"We, at Go Therefore Ministries believe that where the family goes, so goes our world. The institution of the family was created by God and communicates His relationship to us."
One Youth's Life is Changed Forever
“I love the prayer. I did not know that there was one I had to pray to be saved. No one had ever told me...and I did the prayer, and I have Jesus in my heart”.
Nov 2012 Newsletter ________________________________________________________
Fall 2012

What Would Our Founding Fathers Think
"As Christians, we can no longer be complacent. We must know God’s Word and understand that our “inspired” founding documents had catapulted us into one of the most spiritually blessed and prosperous nations of all time -until now ..."
8,000 America's LRMs at Tennessee County Fair
"Each night we enjoyed hundreds of one-on-one ministry opportunities, focused on God’s immeasurable love, and how He cares about every concern and issue in our lives."

Nov 2012 Newsletter ________________________________________________________
Summer 2012

Reaching Souls on the Road
"I want to thank Go Therefore Minis- tries for distributing Bibles. In 2008 I received a Bible, a Life Reference Manual, from a motorcycle group that was giving them away at a rest area on interstate 81..."
The New Life Reference Manual for Bikers!
"Over the past several years, Life Reference Manuals have turned up in some unexpected places; one example, the pockets of motorcycle riders around the country."

June 2012 Newsletter ________________________________________________________
Spring 2012

Setting Captives Free - Touching Hearts Behind Bars
"...I came to know Christ as my Savior and Lord. I was an inmate back then...One day, a brother gave me his personal pocket Bible. It was a Life Reference Manual. I still own that pocket Bible today...filled with notes and highlights as well as handwritten quotes from the brothers who held me accountable to the truth from its pages...I am a member of a Church in the outside world and leading a ministry to men inside Correctional Institutions."
Nov 2011 Newsletter ________________________________________________________
Winter 2011-12

Casting Crowns Concert Nashville, TN -
Giving Away God's Word
“I heard about these small Bibles from a Casting Crowns concert this past weekend. I am going to give these to my youth group...I am also praying for God to show me two or three of my kids to do a special study (with these Bibles) and really disciple these guys”.