Go Therefore Staff - Nashville, TN

"Several of our Ministry Partners from the Middle Tennessee area had the perfect opportunity to “talk turkey” and pray with thousands of men, women, and children about Jesus Christ, at the annual National Wild Turkey Federation Convention, held at the Opryland Hotel this past February...."
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Tequila R

"I love my original Physicians Life Reference (the old and new testament). I am a nurse and around 8-9 years ago I was at work, combating compassion fatigue and burnout. I felt hopeless, and scared. One day at work, I saw this young girl reading and I laughed to myself wondering "why on earth is she reading a PDR?" Later that day the young girl and I spoke and I asked her about her readings. She informed me that it was a bible and offered it to me to read while she went to lunch. I looked through the Bible and immediately started to cry. I felt a sense of gratitude and humbleness, and I received confirmation that the Lord would carry me through my storm. I knew that my steps were ordered and it was meant for me to have a conversation with the young girl. I immediately called Clint Pharmaceuticals and received my Physician Life reference in the mail. I read it daily. It provides comfort, guidance, and reassurance. I truly appreciate this Bible."


Pastor Dale G - OH

"We have a Food pantry where we have given these manuals. People gobble up the book and are asking for more. Blessings to your ministry." - Pastor Dale.


Rusty R - VA

"So glad to see that the "Bikers Manual" will be available in February. This is a great bible that we put into our New Believers packet. In 2013 we were blessed to see 202 people give their life to Christ. So far this year we've already had 48 salvations. We are a unique church, Seven Cities Freedom Biker Church, that reaches out to the biker community."

Kelly B - MS

"Our pocket Life Ref. Manual was given to me and I cherish it very much .I always have it with me. I want to keep these in my car to hand out as i witness to others that the Lord sends in my path, to share his glorious news. I want it to become life changing for others just like it has become for me. I want people to know that God can heal any heart, no problem is too big for our God and he is always faithful!!!!!!  I pray that these manuals will bring peace and joy into their lives that it has brought into mine.  Thank you so much for helping me to spread the Lords word.  God bless every one of you all."
Sincerely,  Kelly  B

Rev. William G

"I will be teaching "How to Share Your Faith Without Fear" for the New River Baptist Association on Tuesday, April 8, 2014. This will involve approximately 34 churches.  We will paste the plan of Salvation in each Life Reference Manual and teach people in these 34 churches how to share their faith. In 2013, I was Interim Pastor of a Baptist Church in NC. We gave out approximately 175 Life Reference Manuals to people attending Vacation Bible School. In addition, I trained 150 adults and young people how to share their faith on two consecutive Sunday nights.  We love these LIfe Reference Manuals and look forward to introducing them to the folks in our association."

Deacon Neil C, Chaplain

"I think your "Nurse's Life Reference" book is really good…Is there any way that I could receive as many copies as you could spare so I could distribute them to the nursing staff here at my hospital? I am the chaplain here and that manual would be of great value to many of our nurses."


"I am a Wesley Nurse with Methodist Healthcare Ministries. The mission of MHM is "Serving Humanity to Honor God" by improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of those least served in the Southwest Texas Conference area of The United Methodist Church.  I will use the Bibles to share the good news of God with the clients I serve.  God Bless You."

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Jimmy C - SC

"Hi…I’m a member of Open Door Community Church in Belton, S.C. Last Sunday at church another member handed me a New Testament ( The Outdoor Sportsman ) from your company. He was given several copies to share with us. We are going to KY in June for a mission trip. We support 2 missionaries there and are going there to help make some repairs at there church. I really like the new testament how it is set up with help in the front pages. We would like to purchase some copies to hand out that week. Our Pastor is also doing a revival there and we are excited about witnessing there. I will have to get a check from our church secretary."
Thanks, Jimmy



"Your manuals are truly a blessing.  We are having a Prayer Breakfast, and I know the women will truly be blessed with these manuals.  Right now I am unable to contribute at this time.  However, I will spread the word about this awesome manual!!"


Rachel T - TX

"I was given a copy of the Physician's Life Reference over 5yrs ago by a friend who owned a business and I made a promise to myself that If & when I own my own business, I'll bless others in the same way. Its been 5yrs+ and I just had to fulfill this covenant I made!"

Bob L - WA

"Hello...my wife and I have a ministry where our primary focus is working with bikers and their families...we also work with vets, the homeless, addicts and alcoholics, low-income families, and people who have been hurt in the church and are in need of healing...our goal is to earn the right to share Jesus and His saving power...we do this through spiritual counseling, Bible study, providing food and clothing, addiction sponsorship, and through community networking...we've done this for the past 7 years out of our own pockets but this last year has been financially difficult and we don’t have the finances to pay for our request...be believe 2014 is going to be a year of breakthrough for us and this ministry and will remember those who have paid ahead for us...we thank you for your gifts and want you to know your Life Reference Manuals will be used as desired..."
God bless you richly,
Brother Bob L

David R - AZ

"I am a retired disabled Police Officer and a Tea Party facilitator. I attend a church that is just starting out and we are blessed to have a Pastor who not only is a great teacher but also is not afraid to use the Bible to relate to the problems we are facing in today world. He teaches about the evil that has attached itself to our government and that we cannot take it back if we don't do it with God's help. The US Constitution, Pledge and Bill of Rights are posted in our church which is aptly named "The Brand New Church". I am also urging our Patriot groups to help return our country to the organic Constitution that we believe was inspired to our Founding Fathers by our Creator! I showed our Pastor the Life Reference Manual with the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution and he said it would be wonderful to have some to give to our New believers and those that are Baptized in His holy name. We are small but growing and are committed to saving God and Country together.
P.S: The Bikers Manual is requested as I do own a Harley Trike and go to various functions that may afford me an opportunity to inform them of God\s love as well."

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Claine C - PA

"We at the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA are grateful for your ministry efforts. We have given away a number of Bibles and faith based materials indicating the world's great want for the good news of the Gospel. Bless everyone there. We'll continue to pray for the staff of Go Therefore Ministries even as someone prayed for us… About a month ago I submitted an order form for more Bibles on line. We've given away a ton of books. There is a real hunger and thirst for the word of God…Thank you for your time and consideration! Your ministry efforts are a huge blessing to the YMCA Community."


Sam D - TN

"I was at the National Wild Turkey Federation show in Nashville on friday and I was given an Outdoor Sportsman Reference manual and I think it is a great gift. being a christian sportsman I am always in excited to see others who are spreading the message of Jesus Christ to the rest of the hunters and fishermen we meet. Thank you all for such a great ministry. the second reason for this email is that i head up the wild game dinner at our church, in memphis and I am interested in passing out your Reference Manuals to the guests at our dinner, I am interested in about 300 of them…"
Thank you again for your great work,
Sam D, Trinity Baptist Church


Stella V - NM

Hello!  I'm ordering these LIfe Refererence Manuals to give out to the homeless people I am going to meet while witnessing at the Albuquerque Rescue Mission.  These are going to be an extremely valuable tool in my efforts to save souls for the Lord and I look forward to receiving them.  I KNOW I am going to be ordering more Life Reference Manuals in the near future.  THANK YOU for your ministry!  God bless and continue to keep GoTherefore Ministries, richly.

L. B. Adams - NC

"I pastor a small church in western North Carolina. Our state has an early college system where a limited number of young people attend high school and earn an associate degree at the same time. As you can imagine, these are very intelligent, and somewhat cynical young people. I have been privileged to lead a Bible Club which has about 12 members. I feel The Lord would have the Bible Club distribute Life Reference Manuals for Students to the entire student body of approximately 135 students. I will ask my church to help with this project. Pray that God will provide the funds and that the Holy Spirit will work in the lives of these youths."

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