Go Therefore Staff - Nashville, TN

"Go Therefore Ministries was blessed to have participated in the Music City Sports Festival; the inaugural event at the new Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee this past May. Thousands of like-minded sports enthusiasts came together to talk football, hockey, baseball, basketball, martial arts, and more! It was a perfect venue for Go Therefore Ministry staff and Partners to hand out over 3000 copies of our Athlete’s Life Reference Manuals to young and old alike..."
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Chris D - Watertown, TN

"These Trucker LRMs will be used on Christmas day.  My brother does a goodwill outreach called Trucker Santa on Christmas to truckers at a local truck stop.  He gives gifts to truckers who are on the road and unable to be with their families.  He is preparing 25 gift packs this year, and my wife & I wanted to put the word of God into those packs.  So, we are going to need 25 of these ASAP to ensure that these LRMs will be in the hands of men & women who are away from home on Christmas so that they might receive encouragement and hope through Jesus Christ."


Denise J - Tulsa, OK

"Can't wait to read the Life Reference Manual.  I have heard about the Physican's Life Reference Manual but then saw many others and decided to try a few.   Bless you for what you do." 


Claine Crew - Ambler, PA

"I have ordered various Manuals from your ministry in the past. The Life Reference, Athlete's, Youth and other Manuals were a great blessing to our members. We've given away all of the Bibles in what seems like an incredibly short amount of time. The Y Heritage Committee of the Philadelphia Freedom Valley's Ambler Branch praise God for your ministry efforts! Please continue to pray for us in our efforts to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we will do the same. Like your own, we're a non-for-profit organization. Please send an addressed envelope that our Y can remit a modest donation to support the efforts of Go Therefore, Inc. Thank you"

Charles Y - Canton, OH

"I have patient's ask about verses regarding healing and such, especially of the feet.  I had quite a few of your Bibles in storage and they were sent overseas.  I could use some more to have here on hand at the office. 
Thank you"

Sandra C - Tallapoosa, GA 

"We are just beginning a ministry of refuge. I was given a Trucker's Manual and was very excited about this! These will be used in our outreach and I will send more money as we can...Your ministry will be in our prayers. Thank you and God bless."

Christian S - Antioch, TN

"My sister is a psychologist, who talks to people everyday with problems or issues going on in their lives. She was so into helping others that she became depressed and had thoughts of committing suicide. By using this Manual and giving her God's word, she is now studying the Bible herself and dedicating her life back to Christ. I want to thank you all for sharing these Life Reference Manuals because you are helping more people find their way back to God than you all can even imagine!"

Mareno S - Antioch, TN

"I would like to thank you guys for this [Life Reference] Manual. I'm a former police officer and a police chaplain put this in my hand and I refer to it quite often. I minister God's Word to friends and family from this Manual according to their situation. I would love to get this book in the hands of some of those people I've ministered to."

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Kimberly C - Hot Springs, AR

"We are so excited to receive these!  A neighboring hospital uses these for a ministry tool with their patients and we can't wait to start!"


Daniel B - Glendora

"Hello! I am very pleased to find this site. I sent one of your Americas Life Reference Manuals in a package to Kenya...and they are requesting more…God bless."


Sally M - Schuylerville NY

"I am starting up a young woman's group, mainly 20 years [and older]. Some are Christians, some are searching, some are lost, some are suffering. I was handed 2 copies [of your Life Reference Manuals] at work by my boss who is Jewish, I am not sure who gave them to him. One of those copies I gave to my daughter who is 27, which she in turn gave to her friend who is searching. I held on to one copy and have referred to is so many times...I really love the first section and think it will really be valuable in this group. Thank you so much for making this available for God's people!!  I will put you in my prayer book as my calling is intercession. God's blessings and love to all."

Aita G - Harrisburg PA

"For this reason we also thank God without ceasing, because when you received the word of God which you heard from us, you welcomed it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which also effectively works in you who believe" (1Th. 2:13) Our prayer goes continuously to the children of our Lord Jesus Christ in this World who works for the spreading the God's Word to the needy people...I love this [Life Reference] Manual pocket spiritual book. I'm a Bhutanese refugee who is struggling to sustain our life in the United States. I cannot make monthly gift but I want to pay one-time with this order for glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for this book!"

Carolyn B - Edgewood, TX

"Hi.  Although it is mid-month, and I send all bills out on the 3rd of the month, and will start sending at least $10.00 a month to your ministry and more when my bills are lower.  I love these little books…I wanted the Bikers for family members we have.  I am a minister for women, and I teach middle school and Junior High students in our church, and thus I  want them for this purpose and to share with ministers in other areas as well.  I appreciate this wonderful thing you do and will use these for good purpose and they will all be given away not sold.  
Thanks again for your ministry and for allowing us to order and send donations later.  I will add this commitment to my monthly budget after I send this order in to you.. thanks again."

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Donna M - Cumberland, RI

"I am a Home Care Nurse.  I am trying very hard to start a small Home Care Business to help elderly and disabled older adults stay in their homes.  It is a very difficult time for me to do this .  I have a married daughter who loves nursing however was diagnosed with Lupus and has not been able to fulfill her life's dream and the degree in nursing she worked so hard to obtain.  This breaks my heart however my faith in Jesus keeps me focused on his ultimate purpose that all things work together for his Glory.  I use my fear to focus my energy and my faith in Christ to fulfill his dreams for us to care for those who suffer our own family and others.  God has put people in my life to help mentor me and guide me in this field.  Many days I go into the home of an elderly person who is homebound I feel Jesus presence with me and I comfort them with his love. Thank you for helping me I will pass these books along to the owner of the company I work for and my sister nurses. God Bless You!"


J. Green - Jackson, MS

"Thank you…The Lord will continue to bless your barrel to never run dry because of your dedication in reaching masses of hurting people. On the 1st of each month I intend to sow into this ministry, I now pledge $20 but when I can, I will help more. You have blessed organizations I am affiliated with and we thank you. These Manuals are to be given out in at an outreach service we have coming up again. Thank you."


Pastor Jim - West Fork, AK

"Our ministry gives Bibles away at Bikes, Blues and BBQ every year, and somebody gave me one of these Life Reference Manuals this summer. I would love to be able to give a bunch away at BBB this year but if not, next year for sure. Bless y'all!"

Alethia - Wilmington, DE

Hello my name is Alethia, I a student in school at 51 years old trying to hold on to the word of God and be stable at the same time. Please understand I would donate if I had it but I lost my mother in 2005 and then lost my job in 2008 which allowed be to file bankruptcy in 2010. Through it all God has kept my mind. My current livivng is not good but I don't have a stable resident like I should have my current job that I'm on I'm being under paid but through it all I'm grateful. Please pray for me to become more stable in my finances. Thank You in advance.

Chase - OKC, OK

"I am a member of a Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma and was given one of your testaments by a guest at motel in Tulsa, OK. A member of our church approached me knowing that I was member of the Gideons International and asked if Bibles were available for use by our church family as an outreach to those in need of having Gods word presented to them in a simple and effective manner as we also try to fulfill their physical needs, (such as food, transportation, clothing, or even just a sympathetic ear). I know that there are costs involved and would like to know how to be certain not to burden your ministry financially. Please let me know that the amount I have designated is able cover the Testaments and the shipping.   
Yours in Christ!"

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James - Oldsmar, FL

"I had received a copy of your Life Reference Manual and it changed my life. I am sorry to not be able to offer any monetary gifts. However I am eager to spread the word of God in my community, I prayed on how many copies to ask for and I believe I have asked for the correct number. God bless you for doing to lords works and sharing his living Word with those who ask. 
God bless you"

Dave - Otsego, MN

"Recently I was able to travel to Burkina Faso, Africa with my daughter. We had a wonderful time working with the missionaries. Since we have been back, the missionaries put out a call for Bibles. They have a wonderful chance to teach English to the security forces at the international airport in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. They want to use the Bible as a reading tool to learn English. Already, with the limited Bibles they have, the response has been overwhelming. So many doors have been opened because of it. This is a Muslim country, so for those men to want Bibles, truly is a miracle. Thank you for your work!  You make it possible for a lot of people to reach other men and women for God!"

John A - Swansea MA

"Dear brothers and sisters I am presently the Chaplain for the fire and police in 2 towns ,,these materials called the word of God will be a blessing for me, now I can give out and bless my department, I am also working with the veterans in my area praise God. Brothers and sisters we will do and bless with a gift also   these Bibles will be such a blessing I have the 911 memorial coming up at the town house in which I will speak...now I have something to hand out to my firemen and policemen. Thank you, thank you...and thanks to Rev. Robert for the word about your ministry. We will send a Gift… In more ways than one!"

Chris - Norfolk, VA

"I have recently heard of your ministry through a friend in Nashville. I am a police officer in Norfolk, VA. and would love to share copies of your Reference Manual with fellow officers. Thank you for all that you are doing for the Kingdom of God!"

Matthew - Olean N.Y. 

"Today I was at a church doing's in my area and I had a total of 3 full boxes of Bibles. I handed out close to all of them to the people that walked by. I talked with the Pastor of the Church who was in charge of this event after it was all over and he told me that he had 25 new Salvation's today. I'm sure that some of those 25 took a Bible as they walked passed. I will be in contact with you in the next few day's to see about getting more Bible's for another event that is being held in my city next month. 
God Bless!"

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M.S. - Memphis TN

"I would like to thank you guys for this Manual. I'm a former police officer. A police chaplain put this in my hand and I refer to it quite often. I minister God's word to friends and family from this Manual according to their situation. I would love to get this book in the hands of some of those people I've ministered to."

Todd T - Murfreesboro, TN

"I want to personally thank you for allowing us to give out the Life Reference Manuals to the college students at MTSU. Overall we were able to hand out about 84 Life Manuals to these students. Many were very thankful to have been given these Manuals, and we were very humbled in passing these out."

Dawn - San Antonio, TX

"I am a ministry nurse in San Antonio, Texas and I work with the underserved community.  Most of my clients do not own a Bible, as they are very poor and/or homeless. It is truly very sad.  As a ministry nurse, I provide health screenings, education, resources and I also pray with them.  Since my last shipment, I have passed out all of the Life Reference Bibles that were sent to me.  I really need more Bibles to be sent to me, so that I can provide them to the needy, so that they can be fed the word of God and learn more about the coming Messiah.
Thank you!"

Paula - Hartwell, GA

"Our church is interested in giving these NT to all of the women in the prison in our town. Also When  I see men standing at the road with a sign asking for food and/or money I want to insert a small cash amount inside these NT and give them to these men. Thank you and may God continue to bless this ministry.  "

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