Lauree - Smithville, TN

“I am requesting some of your LRM’s, I first saw them in my local bank. I received a copy from a lady that works there. I shared with her about our trips to Nashville to share with the homeless. I felt the LRM would be a great asset. This year we had that opportunity to share them thanks to you! We did go to Nashville as a family to share Christ [with the homeless], but this year a few friends came along. One man got so excited when he saw the Life Reference Manuals. He said, 'Can I have one of the those? I used to have one and loved it, but it was stolen from me.' I told him to take two, one to keep for himself and one to share! That day we gave out coats, meals, LRMs, & blankets. We had a few give their life to Christ right there on the streets of Nashville!
Serving Him, Lauree"


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Robin - Lakeland, FL

“I received my first Life Reference Bible in a rehab center and it is so awesome. Now I want to be able to share with others who need to know God and His Word." 


Wendy - Coeymans, NY

“I received a Life Reference Manual from a member of one of my small groups and thought it was wonderful. It is a quick help when trying to encourage or share with others, as well as, minister to my individual needs. Thank you for putting together such a tool that the Holy Spirit may choose to use to draw people to our Sovereign LORD."

Deanna - Lavergne, TN

“I saw one of your New Testaments today and was so encouraged. I work with you and Military Veterans. I cannot contribute to your ministry at this time but want to send you a gift in the future. Thank You for your Gift of God's word."

Ebony, Woodbridge, VA

“My name is Ebony. I'm a travel nurse that received the PLR several years ago. I didn't know what it was until now when I actually opened it up and began reading it. This is just so phenomenal! Im just so impressed that a pharmaceutical company isn't ashamed of its ministry! My heart is so happy right now. Thank you so much for doing this. I would like to receive several copies if I am able to. I am a travel nurse, so being able to give life spiritual as well as naturally would be awesome.
Thanks you so much! "


“I would love to order 150 of your books to help spread the gospel in my community."


“My name is Melinda. My 19 year old son facing 26 years in prison. We are seeking free treatment for low income. He is in need of guidance and turned to the drug after his father was murdered July 2008 and laid to rest August 2008. Please help my son in his recovery. Thank you, Melinda"

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Vivian - Elberton, GA

“I was in my doctor's ofice yesterday and had only just a few minutes to glance through the booklet in the waiting room. I could tell from just a glance that I would love to have one booklet for myself. The one that was there was for the Physicians Office and I could tell it was filled with the most interestingly laid out information from the Holy Word. I hurriedly copied down your web address. I had not seen the booklet anyplace else, so therefore had no idea how to get or if they would be available to individuals. I can imagine how much I would enjoy having time to sit and read an entire book. I would love to give one to my daughter who is a teacher and my grandson who is an 11th grader. If I am going through the correct procedure, please send the booklets. I would love to be able to give more, but due to many health issues, most of my extra money goes to pay for medicine and travel to doctors. I am so proud I found your booklet at Athens Spine Center PC, Athens, Ga. Thank you for your wonderful way to spread God's word in the most appropriate of places."


Susan - Lancaster, MA

“Thank you! We are very excited to receive the Bibles. We have met as a small group Bible Study studying through Rick Warren’s 40 Days in the Word. It was the first time this group met together and we were challenged in the study to do a Micah 6:8 project. I recommended that we each get Bibles to distribute when we go to doctor’s offices, dentists, hairdressers, auto mechanics, whatever. Just leave a Bible with a note in it saying 'Feel free to take me home'.

It wasn’t my idea, really. I work for a Medical Doctor. About a year or two ago, she received a case of Bibles with her order. Over time she began offering them to patients who seemed to need a little more than medical help. As time went on, she became more courageous in giving out the Bibles and encouraged me to do it too, if I felt led. She also gave me some to take home and distribute to other doctor’s offices. I did. I also began bringing them when I went visiting members of our church. We have been so surprised how well received the Bibles have been! Dr. Roaf and I decided to be more bold and to put them on the counter where the patients check in and in the exam rooms as well as offering them to specific patients. In so doing, we gave out about 50 Bibles in a 6 weeks! We only see patients 2 days per week! That’s when I got the vision of taking this further. I thought, anybody could do this and the word will get out! I thought of bringing the idea to the whole church, but decided to begin with our small group. It seemed so fitting since we were studying 40 Days in the Word. Some of them liked the idea. I told them I think the cost of the Bibles is about $3 a piece because that is what Dr. Roaf told me. The very next day at church, one of the women came to me and said she already had collected funds for 100 Bibles! Afterwards, I received enough to increase the order. I was so surprised when I went on your website and saw you don’t ask for a prepayment, but instead do this ministry in faith!

One woman in our group has muscular dystrophy and can’t do much physically. It occurred to me there are many like her who can do this ministry and it can make them realize they can still minister even in their weakened conditions! We all go to doctors! I hope to eventually make this a church ministry. Thank you for your vision. I will send you the $ as soon as we receive the order!"


Steven - Carthage, TN

“I was in the Dr.s office the other day with my wife and seen one of these reference books on the counter, I started to skim through it and noticed how well it was put together. I have read the bible on and off throughout my life and my faith in our lord is strong for the most part but I have always struggled with daily reading in the word of god. I have several bibles in my home but I think everyone should have one of these handy for a simple DAILY REFERENCE to help have a much easier grasp on the word and to use it in our daily life as our savior would like us to. I am unemployed at the moment so I can not afford any monies but would love to have one and share with my family and friends. I will not be out of work for long and will love to contribute to such a worthy and well put together cause such as these books. God bless and keep up the good work"

Lorraine - Hilham, TN

“I came across a copy of 'Life Reference Manual for the Outdoor Sportsman" on a co-workers desk. I am currently in a reaffirmation stage of my life and I immediately wanted to share this discovery with others. I was excited about how the reference guide was laid out - so easy to use. I can't wait to pass these out to the youth I work with, and some others I know who would really benefit from manuals such as these. Thank you! You are welcome to post this testimony."

Regina - Chicago, IL

“Thank you for your ministry. Your life reference tools help us give the patients a printed version of the Bible that is easy to use. We like "frequently asked questions" section and the "life problem" section. This is so useful to our patient population After we share the gospel with the patients, we want to give them a Bible to read. Thank you for helping us!"

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Ashley - Nashville, TN

“These are the greatest pocket books ever! They have made great changes in my life and I share them with everyone around me!"


Ginger - New Bern, NC

“I am currently unable to work. I came across your manuals at the office of my pain management physician and picked up one for nurses, as that is my career. I am thoroughly enjoying this reference manual and would like to share it with my church family. When I am able to return to work, I would like to donate to help defray some of the cost and to encourage your ministry of "Go Therefore." I will pray for your ministry since I am unable to contribute at this time"


Waynette - Myrtle Beach, SC

“My Mom was given a copy of the Physician's Life Reference when she was at the dentist's office. She asked the receptionist how to get a copy & was told she could have it. Mom was grateful because she was enjoying the topics etc. She told me about it because I regularly see 5 doctors due to my health. We all owe our existence to God, but I know that without God's intervention & healing, I'd not be alive. I was 7 when diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA). I was deemed to enter remission, but symptoms returned after having my son. I got to the lowest point when I was 32. To pack nearly 30 yrs of health problems into this space is impossible, & enough happened in the last 4 years alone that it would take a book to tell the story. It would detail stays in a hospital & a nursing home, where I went from doing nothing for myself to barely needing help from the staff; telling even the most basic version makes jaws drop. Hospital doctors told my family to say goodbye a few times. I was so ill I lost over half my body weight, needed a feeding tube, & have no memory of 4 months. Then there is the fact I had more infections than I can count. I had everything from common UTIs, kidney & bladder infections to things like cellulitis, C-Difficile, Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci, multiple bouts of shingles(rare), stomach problems, MRSA & sepsis.The doctors gave me their prognosis: IF I lived, I would not be able to stand, let alone walk & would need to be in a nursing home or the hospital the rest of my life. That SHOULD have devastated me, but it didn't, which shocked everyone. I did ask to be left alone for awhile which somewhat worried the staff, but I needed the quiet to pray & think. I didn't have to walk to do what appeared to be my calling. In fact, not walking added an element to that calling that expanded it. Ultimately I just felt as if I were being wrapped up in the warmest hug. One PT said after 2-3 years of daily intensive (& painful) PT, I 'might' stand again!"

Lewis - Franklin, TN

“I am requesting these to introduce them to my Chapter of Christian Motorcyclist. It has been laid on my heart to teach my Chapter how to use these as a tool to reach the lost via the Roman Road, which you have thoughtfully provided in the opening pages. Thank you everyone for making this available. We will pray for this ministry."

Lew - Franklin, TN

“Whenever a word from God tells me to do something three times I have learned to pay attention.

I had recently purchased a small Bible to mark up the Roman road to salvation with the intent to use it as a tool to witness with. As a member of Christian Motorcyclists Association we are frequently presented with the opportunity at different events we attend. Not two days later I was at a breakfast with about fifty men from my Church. The subject? Roman road to salvation.
That afternoon after the breakfast I was with several members of CMA walking through a swap meet and I found myself talking to a very nice gentlemen that had a booth. I pulled out my bible and showed him how I was marking the

Roman road and informed him it was my intention to use it to lead someone to Christ and give it to them. He pulls out one of your motorcycle versions and shows me how you have the plan of salvation including the Roman Road in the front. I offered to pay for it and he said it was mine; this was my introduction to the Life Reference Versions.

During our prayer breakfast discussion that morning my pastor pointed out that we should always put our name and a way to contact us in any Bible we give away in case there are questions. My pastor was recently contacted by someone that he had given a bible to over 20 years ago. The man wanted the pastor to know that he had planted a seed those many years ago and he had just given his life to Christ.

The harvest may sometimes be slow in coming but we have to plant in order to reap.
Thank you for what you have provided, Your servant in Christ!"

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