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“LOCKED AND LOADED WITH 200 [America's Life Reference] Bibles that include the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. I am taking the New Testaments to the five Chick-fil-A's in Clearwater, FL. The Holy Spirit continues to fuel my passion for revival in America. Remember, Saints, that Revival Starts with 'Me'!   - 2 Chronicles 7:14."

Tina - Illinois

“My first order was a hit. My friends and their kids love using their Life Reference Manuals. And my second order, the American's Life Reference manuals are perfect for teaching my kids Bible study lessons and the Declaration/Constitution lessons. We even shared the news about the American's Manual with our favorite gas station that hands out your original Life Reference Manuals. The owner said he would most likely be getting the American's for future orders. I reccommend your books to EVERYONE!" 


Luke - South Carolina

“I saw one of your Physicians Life Reference Manuals on my book shelf so i picked it up and started reading and it has been such a blessing God has really spoke to me. thought I thank you for all you do I wanted to get some of these guides to give to my friends."

Lori - Tennessee

“Our family is planning on sharing Christ on Christmas under Nashville Bridges where homeless folks hang around, we did this last year and we plan on doing it all over again this year...sharing the love and hope of Christ Jesus!  A few months ago I happen to see the Life Reference Manual at my local bank.   The lady in the office told me I could take one.   I then told her about us sharing Christ on Christmas, and how I would like to give out your little book.   So I have put in my request to be sent 60 of the Life Reference Manuals.   This year we hope to serve many more than last year!   Thank you for your time."

Mark - Tennessee

“Saturday, while at a funeral for a local biker club member, I walked up to one of the biker clubs that I know. These are hard drinking, hard living men, not the most approachable sort if you understand my meaning. After greeting those that I knew, I introduced myself to the "hang around" (a loose affiliate). I struck up a conversation with him and asked about his relationship with the Lord. He stated that he is saved but I sensed something more. Inquiring about his life he said he is married but separated from his wife and two children. He also said that he is considering "probating" (a time of intense service and hazing) for membership with the club. This would be a decision that could take him in a  very  wrong direction in his life. I had the opportunity and privilege to pray with him and give him a "Biker Bible." I instructed him on how to look up verses on the issues that he is facing. I asked for his phone number and will follow up with him, encourage him to get back into church and invite him to a BIKER meeting. With an encouraging word of God's Love for him we parted."

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Marty & Rebecca - Kentucky

“I have enjoyed your Bibles in the past. I have become the Pastor of a Church in Jackson, KY since I last ordered Bibles.  Or Church uses these Bibles to Educate the Members of our Congregation plus our visitors.  Once Again, Thank You, so very Much For Your help in Meeting Our Needs."


Lou Ann - Texas

“I picked up one of these Physician Life Reference Manuals at a Dr's office in Garland, TX two weeks ago because I thought it was such a great tool to have.  I then was an exhibitor at the Texas Pain Society's meeting and met a Representative for a Pharmaceutical who introduced me to the Physician Life Reference Manual again which made me realize I need to be doing something with these.  I asked if I could have some and he offered to have some shipped to me.  I would love to share any and all stories I have that come from this experience. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful tool."


Go Therefore Partner Services - Tennessee

“I recently spoke to a High School teenager who received a Youth Life Reference Manual at a “Lost Soul” outreach in Texas. She shared how much she loves the Youth Bible and wants to give it to her friends and family. As I was explaining to her how to use the Bible for evangelism, she stopped me and said... “I love the prayer. I did not know that there was one I had to pray to be saved. No one had ever told me...and I did the prayer, and I have Jesus in my heart”. I assured her from the scriptures, that through confession and the faith in her heart, her salvation is genuine. It was absolutely a “Holy Spirit moment”...God is so good! We may not hear all the thousands of testimonies, but take note, that the ones we do hear are the testimonies our Heavenly Father wants us to grab hold of. Glory to God in the Highest, thank you Jesus, and thank you Holy Spirit!
-Go Therefore Partner Services"

Theresa - Kentucky

“My husband is a member of a ministry  and we think these Life Reference Manuals will be good for the newest souls that will be saved."

Chaplain  Bob - Washington

“Hello,   I am a member of a Community Church near Shelton, WA in Mason County.   My ministry is to visit inmates in the Mason County Jail.   The Life Reference Manuals I am ordering are to distribute to inmates in the jail.   I'm hoping that you will someday produce a Life Reference Manual specifically for Prisoners/Inmates."

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Michael - Ohio

“Grace & Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! Glory to God that Jesus is Lord and we are living in such a time as this to be able to distribute God's Word and Preach the Good News to all creation!  I want to share with you my joy in the Lord and express my overwhelming excitement for your ministry and I how eagerly we would like to partner with you. In the past few months, God has answered the deepest cries of my heart and is currently moving in a major way in Canton, OH. I have been so blessed to be given the grace to start a new non-profit ministry.   We are raising funds for Bibles and would like to contribute to your ministry as often as the Lord allows which I pray will be a fortune every month! Our God is not only willing but he is able to do exceedingly and abundantly all that we could ever ask for or imagine!  I have linked to you from our website and we are diligently working to increase the awareness of your ministry as well as ours and are looking forward to the months ahead! May the God who has forgiven all our sins and given us a new life in Christ continue to help us in our efforts to love others as much as he loves us!    -Amen"


Laura - Virginia

“I would just to say thank you for offering these manuals to us. I attended a women's conference last week and was given the Physician's Life Reference which I am really enjoying. I would like to have some of these to give to our youth and student's I think they would truly enjoy getting help understanding the Bible. I am unemployed at the present time, I worked in a child care center and I can see that our youth can use all the help and guidance they can get. Again I would like to say thank you!"


Todd - Florida

“I am the local chapter Elder for Bikers for Christ at Cape Coral FL Chapter. We are out in our community reaching out to all people but mainly bikers both 1%'s and weekend riders. At our last local bike night we gave away our last 2 Bibles to a couple of 8-9 year old girls. I asked our Church elders to assist us in getting more donated and one of the elders also a biker, part of another motorcycle ministry, gave us a case of your "Biker Bibles" I found your website on the back and thought I would write you to see if we can get anymore. We have many events that we Bikers for Christ will set up at and reach as many souls as possible. Thank you for your time. In HIS Service. -Todd"

Julia - New Jersey

“Thank you for your prompt  response.   An elderly relative ordered orthopedic footwear from a Pharmaceutical and the received the Physician's Life Reference along with the order.  I  found the PLR while cleaning out relatives apartment and I love it."

Ann - Virginia

“This is my first time ordering the Life Reference Manuals. I plan to hand them out to people who need to know the Lord. I also pray for each person who receives one of them. Thank you!"

Diana - Texas

“I thank you for being willing and able to ship these life reference manuals at this time. They are for use and or distribution at a faith-based clinic in TX.   Thank you very much. One of our medical providers, a physician’s assistant, told me about your manuals.  We often give away Bibles here in our faith-based clinic, but it is hard to keep them on the shelves! We were talking about searching for some Bibles on Saturday, when our provider told me about your ministry and brought me the website address."

Susanne - Tennessee

“About 3 years ago a old high school friend of mine ran  into me at a gas station. We chatted for a few moments and then he went to  his car. He drove back around to me and ask if he could give me a little  reference book. I was being polite- sure I will take one. That little book was  the blue Life Reference Manual. I love it, I love it so much I show many  others. This year at a local fair one of the churches was passing out  the red America's Life Reference and I ask if I could have a few copies as I loved and  enjoyed this book so much and had others I would love to share it with. They  gave me several copies. I have passed them all out!  Last night at church I asked a friend of mine if he had any LRM's left because I wanted for my daughter who just turned 18 years old who has  strayed from the God and gotten  into some trouble. He brought her one and gave me some more to pass out. I  was so excited my friends and I posted on Facebook today how much we enjoyed  that he shared this book with me so many years ago and how now I get such  pleasure from giving it to others and we thanked him. He gave me this link to  your website so I wanted to thank you also I would love to order more your website shows that there are several more and I  love that.   There are several to choose from and even thought this book was accepted to be polite- I am so glad I have it  and I LOVE it. Mine is quite worn but I cant bare to part with it. Please send  me info on ordering!   EXCELLENT work for GOD!"

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Wendy - Pennsylvania

“I first saw the Physician's Life Reference Manual at my employer's and thought it was very cool!!   So, I then checked your website to get one, not even knowing there was a separate nurse one.   I am so excited!!!   I think this is an awesome outreach program.   Thanks again and I am looking forward to receiving the manual."


Ronnie - South Carolina

“My testimony is about how a Life Reference Manual helped  me to turn my whole life around. I first received a Life Reference Manual while  I was incarcerated in a detention center. At that time I was on drugs very  heavily. I really didn't care what happened to me or what anyone thought of me  at that time. I thought that God was just a myth. I didn't believe what all the  Bible said could be true. Well I was having a really bad day and a preacher  comes in and starts to talk about God. Well I felt so bad that I figured what  could it hurt just to listen to what he has to say. Everything he said hit me  right in the heart. It was like he was talking directly to me. At the end of his  sermon he asked if anyone would like to have a Life Reference Manual and told us  a little about what was in it and how to use it. I decided to go up and get  one and started to read it. It was amazing. It was like every kind of problem I  had there was an answer for it in the Bible. Well after reading certain  scriptures that the manual had sent me to I got curious about what all the rest  of the Bible says. I ended up reading the Bible more and more every day and  every time I did my faith in God became stronger and stronger. I finally gave my  life to the Lord. I decided that the life that I was living was not the life  that I wanted. That God has a special plan for me and that I needed to start  pursuing that plan. I am still working on getting my life back together. I am in  a Christian Rehabilitation/Recovery Center now and doing every thing that I can  to pass the word of God around. I still struggle every now and then, but then  again who doesn't. In the beginning a Life Reference Manual is what led me to  being saved. I think that everyone should keep some extras with them at all  times.   If anyone is reading this that has a drug problem or knows someone close  to them that does please seek help or help the person you know. Never give up on  someone you love just because they are an addict. Almost everyone in my family  told me that I would always be a drug addict and would never change. Look at me  now, I have been clean for over a year and am working on getting my degree in  ministry."


Beth - Kentucky

“Hi my husband attended Western KY Teen Challenge. He was given one of your Bible's there that I use daily.   I wanted more of them to share, Thanks!"

Theresa - Kentucky

“My husband is a member of a ministry  and we think these Life Reference Manuals will be good for the newest souls that will be saved."

Louann - Tennessee

“I recently attended a meeting where I received one of these handy little reference Bibles.   I am a Youth Leader and I found it to be very helpful in quickly finding some answers to questions that I get asked quite often.   It is just the right size to carry in my purse so that I am never without a copy of the word.   And can always be prepared to share with others.   We are having a community youth night, and will be doing another outreach ministry the following weekend we would love to have some of these to pass out to the people that come.   I am very excited about the upcoming ministries and look forward to partnering with you to share the word of God.   Thank you and may God bless you for what you are doing."

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Harry - Florida

“I just received the gift of a Life Reference Manual  today.   I am impressed!   I like that you added the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. "


Ben - Tennessee

“These Bibles are amazing!   I am the pastor of a church and I know people who NEED these Bibles - people that have a hard time comprehending the King James version and these Bibles are so easy to carry!   They can easily slip one into their pocket or purse and have it handy at all times!   I really can't express in words how thankful I am for these Bibles (my wife has one - how she came about it I have no idea unless she just stumbled across this webpage at some time or other).   I got to reading it and I was like, "WOW!   EVERYONE NEEDS ONE OF THESE!"   I am going to hand them out to some people,  
Thank you so much, and God bless!!"


Doyle - Tennessee

“Thank you for the work you do.   I really enjoy the Bible  I was given at the Bubba Fest program in Crossville TN. It has been a  very good blessing to me and it has helped my ablity to witness to others. I  hope God continues to bless your program."

Adam - Tennessee

“Thank you for reaching out to all PEOPLE, with the different backgrounds so that God's WORD may be read.   HIS WORD and the GOSPEL of Christ IMPACTS EVERYONE!"

Kenisha - Missouri

“I received one of the books at another doctor's office and it helped me through some hard times.  I would like my office to have some for our   patients. Thanks!"

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