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Lyndon - Tennessee

“I attended a leaders meeting at NHOP just before the evening prayer.  A Russian born couple-a pastor and his wife-attended as well.  He is called to America and has become a patriot, burning with passion for our history and the land.  As he shared his story, out of his pocket comes your red "America's LRM."  I just smiled and joyously made the connection of the three of us.  Glorious." 


Janie S. - Hawaii

“Aloha from beautiful Hawaii!!!
I have enjoyed sharing these reference manuals to my friends, Christians and non-Christians. It has made witnessing a breeze!! No one has rejected them but accepted with open hands and hearts. I have a disability which is MS. I don't drive so I take a van called The Handivan to my appointments and other places I wish to go on the Island. I am with people quite a bit so when the opportunity comes I share these manuals and give them away. I always carry one with me. I have given several to the Physical Therapist I have had throughout the year. Just recently I gave one to a friend of my son who is not a believer. He accepted it with an open heart and mind. I'm so excited that I was able to plant the seed even deeper in his life so that one day he will accept the free gift of Salvation. So thank you again for your ministry so that I may go and share the Gospel in 'my world' on the Island of Oahu."

Beth - Kentucky

“My husband attended WESTERN KENTUCKY TEEN CHALLENGE. He was given a Bible there that I use daily. I want more of them to share... Thanks!"

Ronda - Indiana

“I learned about the Go Therefore Ministries when my daughter worked the Air Show that was held here in Indianapolis.  She received a Physician's Life Reference Manual at that air show so I found your web address on that and logged on to learn more.  I found that a very helpful guide so  I wanted to get more to give to my family.  So thank you so much again for responding back."

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Office of Faith Based and Community Partnerships - Maryland

“I had the distinct pleasure of receiving one of the Physicians Life Reference manuals while attending a class with a colleague just a few days ago. Of course upon opening the booklet, I discovered the wealth of targeted verses and focal messages that are so needed for persons seeking to manage illness on any level. ...in addition to providing education and training to faith leaders and their congregants across the state, my office also seeks to provide appropriate resources for faith leader to strengthen their ability to respond to the single individual or their whole family when medical concerns arise. Your manual is one such resource that could be well used here in Maryland."


Leslie - Michigan

“I received a couple of your books with an order I placed for medical supplies. Thank you so much! I cannot think of a better way to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I will be showing these to my church and hope to order more in the future."


Chaplain John - Virginia

“...one of my chaplains handed out two cases of military Bibles last week at the truck stop...with every trucker that comes into the chapel, we do our best to put one of your LRM in their hands. Two got saved last Sunday they each received one. Thank you so much for letting TRANSPORT FOR CHRIST partner with you in sharing God’s Word."

Dale - Tennessee

“...the community was truly blessed by the Bibles you provided.  We had an incredible time in the Lord last Saturday (at Housing Project Outreach). Love, grace and peace."

Clark - Texas

“God's Word is so wonderful! We have been giving away Gospels of John, small Bibles and tracks for a while. But this reference manual for us is a step forward--- I began to read it and found things in there that helped me out personally to receive an even deeper revelation of the love of Jesus. Remember the word of God is power in our hands--- all that God gives us is not for us but to share, to bless, to comfort, to edify, and to release into others what we have freely received! Thanks for all you do in your ministry."

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Wendy - South Carolina

“Thank you for the wonderful Physicians Life Reference Bibles. I also wanted to thank you and the gentleman that I first spoke to about your ministry. He took time to pray with me over the phone, which encouraged me and comforted me. Praise God, my husband is improving and will be completely well soon, according to God’s will."


Laura - Tennessee

“My name is Laura and I am in jail with a girl that wrote your guys and she received a Life Reference Manual and I thought it was wonderful. I was hoping that maybe you guys may have an extra one that I possibly could get. I’m really studying the Bible and would really enjoy one if possible."


Minister - Chicago

“Thank you for your prayers and your contributions from Go Therefore. You all are really and inspiration to the guys in Division...at County jail and to me."

Melodie - Massachusetts

“Just wanted to tell you how much I love these little Bibles! I gave one to a child to give to her dad on Father’s day; one to my best friend; one to a neighbor,, a person that I now who is an atheist; and to a poor person that I met on the street."

Michael - Tennessee

“My name is Michael. I am currently in ....County Jail.  One of my buddies showed me a small book called Life Reference Manual. I seen y’alls names in it with an address and I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send me a copy."

Rebecca - Illinois

“Thank you so much for all your beautiful prayers....you can’t imagine the great things God is doing with the Bibles. It is Priceless!!!"

Pat - Maryland

“Thanks again for all you do. The Family Reference Bibles are going to a family who's son [took his own life]. When I did the memorial service I brought my Family Reference Bibles (5 of them) to give out as a comfort gift. The entire family wanted one. Many are not Christians. What a wonderful God we have! It is a pleasure to support your ministry. Now I'm trying to look for other innovative ways to use my Life Reference Bibles from you...Thanks! "

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