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Tony, Tennessee

“In 2008 I received a Bible, a Life Reference Manual, from a Motorcycle group that was giving them away at a rest area on Interstate 81. Ever since receiving your Bible I’ve taken it with me when on morning walks to spend time with the Lord and to renew my mind to His Word. Mind renewal has been an important journey for me. For almost 20 years I struggled with severe depression and had a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. God has really used your Bible to heal my mind, to “...not be conformed to the world, but to be transformed by the renewing of my mind.” (Romans 12:2) I’m extremely grateful for your ministry.

God has called me to full time ministry... He took everything in my past; the severe depression, anxiety, and fear, and worked it together and created a beautiful ministry. The ministry is targeted toward depression, anxiety, and fear. I share my testimony and encourage others to spend time with Jesus daily and read God’s Word. In addition, I’m a singer/song writer and share my music. After I began to spend time in the Word, the Holy Spirit poured out music and lyrics.

God performed a miracle in my life and Go Therefore Ministries was a major part of my healing and transformation. A simple thank you cannot express how your Ministry has impacted my life and the lives of others. Truly, you are sowing seed into the Kingdom. God Bless.

Kenneth & Claire Byamugisha – Tororo,  Uganda

“Praise the name of the Lord Jesus fellow soldiers of Christ Jesus our Lord and King!

I fellowship with Christian missionary Fellowship International, serving as a missionary in one of the Eastern districts of Uganda called Tororo.

I was particularly touched by the Question and Answer [section] at the end of the Life Reference Manual New Testament given me today by a visiting disciple, Moses Nyote. This approach is a powerful tool for our team and house Church for evangelism. I am also happy to see the way you have organized a prayer book, this is how we too keep our prayer books in the ministry as taught us by the founder of the ministry.

I will be grateful to have copies sent to us for the rapid spread of the Word of God. One of our goals for this year is to win 50 people to the Lord. And thanks be to God for the tools to be used to accomplish this this goal through your Life Reference Manuals.

May God multiply the harvesters who will be willing to use these precious tools." 


Eric, South Carolina

“I’ve been looking for a pocket size New Testament to hand out to people in our local church as we go out to share the love of God with others. The only one I could find that actually fits in the shirt pocket and is not a KJV is a little too expensive for us right now. I was praying that God would show me something that I have missed...

Well ask and you SHALL receive.  I was helping a friend do some work on his house last week and saw this New Testament sitting on his outdoor table, I picked it up, I went nuts.  This is what our people need when they are there on the front lines dealing with people with so many problems and hang-ups. Oh, by the way, many of us could use it too for ourselves. Thank you for making this available."

Nichole, Pickerington, OH

“I'm in the healthcare industry and am always so thrilled to encounter physicians who understand and use the power of God in their practice. I know firsthand the power we have through the word of God to heal ourselves and others. Every word we utter out of our mouths is a prayer and if people really understood that, they would choose their words very wisely. Im a marketer for a home health agency and I know God put me here for a reason. When I saw the Physicians Life Manual in one of my physicians offices today, I knew that I wanted order as many as I could so that I can pass them out to as many doctors and nurses as I can!  I only ordered 10 of each, however, my agency is comprised of 7 other marketers and an owner who are all on fire for God!! If you can send more than what I ordered so that I can distribute them to the others, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much for putting these together, its imperative that we minister to people at every opportunity, including our work!"

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William - Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I carry a case of the Life Reference Manuals in each of my cars to use in evangelism, give out to homeless at hiway exits, downtown, wherever. I also love to give them to the guys in my Bible study...

You'll LOVE this...
I was stting in a coffee shop with several men that I meet with each week to study the Bible (I love to use the Life Reference Manuals because of all the helpful tools inside). A gentleman was sitting close by, and after about 30 minutes he introduced himself saying, "I'm passing through town and overheard you discussing the Bible and wondered if I can sit in...". Of course we enthusiastically invited him to join. As I went on to the next scripture reference he reached into his pocket and pulled out a Life Reference Manual! -How cool is that?!

He said he'd found it at a doctor's office in his home town and carries it with him everywhere. Just more evidence that these Bibles are getting around!"


Yvonne, Tennessee

“I came to Christ at an early age (7) and have enjoyed having Him in my life always. I cannot imagine not having HIM there. I grew up in church and have a good foundation; I did a lot of Spiritual growth in college, and also recently, due to difficulties in my life. I think the Life Reference Manual is an excellent presentation of the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. I really like that it has sections that show people where to look in the Bible for answers to their issues and areas that outright answer frequent questions of nonbelievers about salvation. I have recommended this to my church as an outreach option for our children and young people when they visit.

Thank you for your efforts in spreading the Gospel and I will do my part to help too."

Tammy, Brush Creek, TN

“I heard about these Bibles from a sister from church. she was healed of cancer & she wanted to give her Doctors a Physician's Life Reference & her nurses a Bible as well.

Here is my testimony;
My daughter Tina was pregnant and we found out @ 24 weeks that her baby boy was measuring smaller than normal. We had to go to Dr. once a week and specialist once a week from then on. Our Dr. told us that he would be surprised if she carried him up to 35 weeks. She started steroid shots on the 26 week and was told if she made it to 34 weeks, she would get another shot. Steroid shots help speed up the growing process of his organs. At 28 weeks we found out  that she had a blood clotting disorder that caused her placenta to have blood clots in it, which caused lack of oxygen, food, and blood to her son.  The specialist started giving her aspirin, and folic acid pills to help. Every ounce counted to us...we prayed every week that he would gain in ounces. The Dr. said that as long as he was gaining ounces and not loosing he was doing good. He made it to 34 weeks, so she got an emergency steroid shot.


The Dr. said that Jayden couldn't have lived much longer in her womb, as his belly was smaller than the Dr. had thought. Jayden is our miracle baby, as he struggled to survive in his mothers womb. At 7 1/2 weeks, he had an infection; he spent 5 days in Vanderbilt. I want to give the Doctors involved these Bibles. The other Bibles, I have people I want to give them to.

Thank you for this ministry."

Kim, Columbia, TN

“I received a copy of Physicians's Life Reference in 2007 at a youth lock-in. The kids and I were moved and excited about this gift.  As time passed, Sunday after Sunday, the kids were never at services without this gift. It was perfect for all their little hands, purses and pockets. They were excited to have a version of the word that they felt were made with them in mind. It makes there walk and experience more personal. We have been blessed to see them grow with this gift over the years and they way they're so anxious to run and get it or pull it out to share with their peers. I am involved with many people through all walks of life and I love spreading the word of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I Have been blessed to open my home to others less fortunate and share with them my blessings."

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