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Yvonne, Tennessee

“I came to Christ at an early age (7) and have enjoyed having Him in my life always.  I cannot imagine not having HIM there.  I grew up in church and have a good foundation; however, I did a lot of Spiritual growth in college and recently due to difficulties in my life.  I think the Life Reference Manual is an excellent presentation of the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.  I really like that it has sections that show people where to look in the Bible for answers to their issues and areas that outright answer frequent questions of nonbelievers about salvation.  I have recommended this to my church as an outreach option for our children and young people when they visit.

Thank you for your efforts in spreading the Gospel and I will do my part to help too."

Larry – Lafayette,  Indiana

“I was blessed to find a copy in my dental office. I would love to share with others as god leads and with my church. Will be praying for what you are doing and take part as God leads. THANKS!"


Lon & Elaine – Sturgis, Michigan

“I am just dropping you a line in response to your letter.  I received my first LRM at my doctor’s office and have used it on many occasions for moral and spiritual support for myself.  I just love the  index and how it breaks down the numerous topics for everything under the "son" that one could possibly endure in any given lifespan. I had an opportunity to share the LRM with a nurse friend of mine who in turn, ordered numerous copies for the office where she worked.  She shared with
me how successful they were so I thought I too would give it a shot.
Last Halloween I passed out 250 tracts with the plan for salvation enclosed but ran out an hour early… This morning I sat down at my computer to order materials to use for this years kids I earnestly prayed, and sincerely feel that God led me to your website.  Upon reading your mission statement and your question at the bottom asking those who would to go and spread the good news about JESUS; my answer was an enthusiastic YES!  
I was thinking, how often in my lifetime would I have hundreds of lost children come to my door looking for a  "treat" and be able to supply them with a blueprint that would sustain them for all eternity!!!  In the event that  I do have any leftover copies I intend to use them for "operation Christmas child", through my local church. My prayer is for God's will to come to pass with each and every copy distributed. Thanks so much for all you do, you will remain in our prayers and may God continue to infinitely bless you and your ministry. 

Your brother and sister in Christ."

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Gary – Erie, Pennsylvaia

“Giving people the Life Reference Manual New Testament is a delight!  My ENT surgeon began treating me like a golf buddie after I gave him the PLR and mentioned the Psalms might calm him on a hectic day (he’s Jewish).  His secretary started crying when I gave her a LRM.  She said she had never had her own Bible.  What a joy to be used of the Lord!! Thanks, God Bless!"

Aurelia – Hazel Crest, Illinois

“I received the Physician’s Life Reference from a friend, I was so impressed that I would like to share copies for the ladies in my “Book Club”.  In His Grace for HIS Glory."

Doris – Louisville, Kentucky

“When I first received your email requesting a testimony I said, Lord what can I tell them.  I had given away all of the Bibles I ordered except for one.  But, no one had contacted me since receiving their Bible to say what it has met to them.  Then, today I received a phone call from “Jean”.  She was the last person I gave a Bible to.  We finished talking and when I hung up the telephone, the Lord said in my spirit “now you have your testimony.”  I’ll explain:  I’ve known Jean for some 20+ years, but during the last years we only kept in contact every now and then.  To my knowledge she has never been to a church anywhere.  Until a few weeks ago, I had never felt impressed to share my belief in Christ with her.  She’s always known I was a Christian…. But it never became a main topic of our discussions throughout the years.  A few months ago I stopped by to visit her, she said I told you I have lung cancer didn’t I?  I replied, no you did not.  She went to explain she had completed all her treatments….  Of course this was very upsetting to me.  After our visit, I said Lord I can’t let my friend go on not knowing about you, please show me what to do….. So, I felt impressed to give her one of the “Life Reference Bibles” along with a small book and a Christian CD…. I handed her the bag with the items.  I explained that I just wanted to share these items with her because they had really gotten me through some tough times and I hoped they would be of help to her also.  She thanked me!
We had talked two or three times since I gave her the items and nothing was ever mentioned about them.  But today, when she called I noticed something different.  She had asked me about a problem I had been going through and asked if I had gotten the news I was hoping for?  I told her I had, but it was not what I was hoping to hear.  Then she said, “everything will work out Doris, you just have to pray about it and it will be ok.”  I immediately thought to myself, is this Jean I’m listening to, encouraging me to “pray”.  It sure sounds like she has “a new walk and a new talk”, and even the tone of her voice had a different spirit, a peaceful spirit.  I thought, this is God and the items did make a difference.  They helped to save her soul!  Praise God – she does know Him now!  Thanks “Go Therefore Ministries” for being a part of this transformation. "

Bruce – Cookeville, Tennessee

“These will be Christmas gifts for my children…. Many thanks for your efforts in this area.  These books are just so perfect for this situations encountered day-to-day."


The Lord’s Friendly Mission - Fairview, Tennessee

“We would love to give these at our Christmas Program – Thank you!."

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Robert – Columbus, Ohio

“I found that these are a great conversation piece as well as help spread the Gospel with ease following the guidance of God’s Word as the scriptures are mapped out inside the manuals."

Curtis – Sterling Heights, Michigan

“Thank You God Bless!  I minister to the down and out on the East side of Metro Detroit.  I will ask my Church to consider support for your ministry.  We do community outreach and we are wanting to use the Bibles.  We run a weekly food program for those in need. Prayer for the ECONOMY in Detroit!"

K.G. – Tulia, Texas

“I am a Youth Pastor in Tulia, TX and my aunt is a nurse, she received a LRM and gave it to me to order for our students.  I have used the Life Reference Manual to tackle those hard questions we all have.  I have loved it and want to put one in the hand of all my students."

Rachel – Temple, TX

“I was at the Dentist Office and I was reading this book...it had questions that I would ask myself and with answers.  I didn’t get to finish it!  I would like two books one for me and for a friend that does not believe in God.  I would like for her to come to God."

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Anthony -  Paducah, Kentucky

“A good friend of mine sent me the Bible and I love it.  I have been ministering to alcoholics, drug addicts, and I also minister at the local jail for over 35 years on Monday nights.  I will be giving these Bibles out to the men for discipleship.  Thank you!"

Sally -Athol, Massechusetts

“An Evangelist who spoke at our Church had these Bibles a while back and we want to make these Bibles available for our congregation for witnessing tools."

Linda - Lufkin, Texas

“I visited my sister in TN and she had a PLR sitting on the counter.  I loved the PLR and on November we are having a women retreat.  I would like to Bless all the ladies with a LRM.  Praise God!"

Lucian - Fredericktown, Ohio

“I don't remember where I came across your Bibles.  I would love to use these for Evangelism and another ministry just opened up in Delaware and I want to give them a Box also."


Samantha - Fairview, Tennessee

“A friend of mine gave me a LRM, her friend orders Bibles for her clinic.  We are having a Christmas play on December.  We want to put the Bibles in fruit baskets to give to people.  Prayer Request: Believing for salvations that it would not be just another play."

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