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Jim - Manchester, Tennessee

“ It just so happens that the secretary at our office saw the stack of your Life References Manuals and was looking at them. I could tell in my spirit, and knowing a little bit about her, that she is not saved, and also has had a challenging life. Of course, I suggested the Life Reference Manual to her, and I could see in her eyes that it is what she needed.
Giving that to her, reminded me that, although I planned to give them to clients, God’s clients are around us every day, and even if they seem put off by religion, the bottom line is that Love is not a religion, and to be loved is the foundation of life, and “to” love is the framework."

Janie - Ewa Beach, Hawaii

“My mother introduced me to these Bibles. She sent me some to give out or for my family members to take to work. I had been talking to my Physical Therapist about God so I gave her a Bible. She accepted it  and told me she's been wanting to go to church.
Thanks for helping me plant the seed.

Steve - Fitzhugh, Oklahoma

“We are using the [Life Reference Manual] Athlete's edition for a college Bible study for the football team, which has grown to about 70 people regularly, more than just the team members.  They love this Bible because of all the reference material in the front to search for specific scriptures on topics of interest.  I believe we are working on our 4th case [of Bibles] passing out to all those interested.

Also, one of our ladies led a man to the Lord last Friday that was painting her house, and so I went by that afternoon and gave him the Life Reference edition and pointed out to him all the references and questions to help him in his new walk with Christ.

Thanks for your ministry."

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Joe - Tennessee

“I work for a Life Recovery Mission for men, you have blessed us by introducing your book to us. I make sure everyone who comes into our program receives a Bible and a copy of your Bible. You would be amazed at the comments and thanks that I receive about your book. The men here refer to it regularly and have even asked for extra copies to give other people that work with. Our program is a Faith based program, and your book has helped so many and has given them a tool to share with others.
Thanks again for your kindness.

Martha - Buckley, Washington

“I found one of your Life Reference Bibles in one of our Doctors offices.  I was impressed and thrilled to see it there.  I don't know if this Dr. is a Christian or not, but I was able to sit there and wait for my husband and read.  

Thanks for what you are doing to get Christ's Gospel out to others."

Chuck - Christiansburg, Virginia

“Our office has been using the Life Reference Manual for Students for the medical students who happened to rotating with us for the last two years.  We give them to numerous patients with great results.  Recently, one of the medical students led another medical student to Christ with The Life Reference Manual for Students... The fact that the questions are answered in the text is of great encouragement to many medical students.  All of our new patients get a copy of the Life Reference Manual.  What good does it do me as a physician to heal the sick and not touch their soul?  This is the best investment my practice has ever made."

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Karen - Pembroke, North Carolina

“I love the Lord and trust him with my life. I received my copy of a Life Reference Manual from my doctors office. I was having a procedure that I was nervous about. My doctor, giving me this Life Reference Manual, brought me so much comfort. Just knowing he had knowledge of Christ was a breath of fresh air. I have shared it with several of my family and friends when going through tough times and the faith and strength it has given us all has been life changing.

The one copy I have has been through so many hands it is showing its use. I work with the Youth in my Church and we would like to have some copies to share during our Youth Ministries to the sick, discouraged, and lost. It was such a comfort and reminder of how much Jesus loves me and wants what's best for me. I would greatly appreciate the chance to share this with others.

Thanks for sharing the word of God with others... Remembering you in our prayers."

Chris - Knoxville, Tennessee

“ I just wanted to let you all know what happened this morning...
We were about to walk out the door for church...Andy, who was leaving immediately after church with grandma for the airport, comes to me and says (British accent implied) 'aunt Sofie, remember that special prayer, well I haven't got much time, have I? What shall we do about it?' Oh my, I thought, I knew we needed to get to church, but then reality hit; I sent everyone away and Andy and I escaped alone to the front porch. We took out the little black bible (Student Life Reference) he was given and went over the prayer. He was worried we would leave something out and it wouldn't be perfect. After some coaxing that God wants to hear his heart and not a script, in a shaky sweet little voice he prayed the sweetest prayer.  I was so proud of him and I want to thank you all for loving him and including him on the team.

I keep reminding myself what we discussed at camp,that salvation is God's job. I feel fearful though. Who will Shepard him back home? Who will answer his questions? Who will remind him to pray? I'm asking for prayers that God, who loves him more than us, will bring someone godly into his life there in England to help him grow in his relationship with God.  Thank you all again for planting a lovely harvest."

Karlota - Los Angeles, California

“Thank you for  the Physician's Life Reference Bible I have given them to patients, to the nurses in a large ob-gyn clinic on nurses day that even had employees from different departments coming and requesting the Bible after seeing them in the hands of many patients.

I  want to be a part of getting this gospel out  and I will support your ministries on a monthly basis. I also give the Bibles out to those who come to my weekly Bible study who don't own a Bible. The most exciting part is, I have a 14 year old patient who told me that her Math teacher was an atheist and who had many doubts. I showed her how the questions were asked and answered in the back of the Bible and she and her classmate led their teacher to the Lord!"

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