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Pastor - Wisconsin

“Here at the Port St. Vincent Men’s Shelter…. I work with hundreds of men each year. Many of these men are in the process of freeing themselves from the grips of alcoholism and drug addiction. Others are facing tough financial times due to divorce, child support or the loss of a job and yet others are re-entering society after serving time in prison. The Physicians’ Life Reference is on of the best tools I have found to help me in my mission. Your book is touching many people who are desperate to hear the Word and its design makes it so simple even for those individuals who struggle with reading."


Missions Team to Africa - Nashville, Tennessee

“Thank you very much for the Bibles… I was able to distribute them to churches, orphanages, and clinics in Ghana, Africa. May God bless you for your generosity.”


Homicide / Victims Assistance, Pennsylvania

“Today I went to visit a family to offer my condolence and the mother gave this (Life Reference) book to me to encourage me and my fellow co-workers and this is one of the best if not the best book I have read and I thank you son much for publishing this wonderful Bible.”


R.L., Medical Doctor - Pennsylvania

“Since we received our initial shipment of Bibles, I have been giving them out to patients and even our UPS deliveryman. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone is impressed by the lay out (i.e. guide to scriptures for practically any human need)…If you’re new in Christ and feeling lonely, you may not know where in scriptures to look for comfort but this layout tells you where to go for relief!!! I’m not new but I love it and will continue to spread The Word.”

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B.K. - Jamestown, New York

“Your generous gift of Bibles brought great encouragement to me as I share God’s word with our neighborhood kids. It is great that I can give page # and that we all have the same wording. They love to memorize scripture! Not one of their parents attends church. I pray and trust that the many topic choices that are found in the front of the Bible will be used by the Holy Spirit in their lives…I am excited to see how hungry they are for the word.”


B. Mendenhall - Indiana

“…my oldest son…was arrested and incarcerated for three years. I shipped him one of the Bibles…and he actually began to read it. After a few weeks, he called and said it was really starting to make sense to him. To make a long story short, while in prison, he was saved and accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior… and I think the Bible I sent him had a lot to do with it. Thank you so much for caring enough to offer such a wonderful new lease on life.”


B.Q. RN, BSN - Chicago, Illinois

“…you know you left a few ‘Physician Life Reference’ books her on your last visit. I didn’t think about it then. I left it on my desk… but never opened it. Now, that I’ve actually opened it and started reading it this week…I wanted to say thank you so much for sharing it with me….I rounded up the other copies you left and passed them on to a few of my very close nurse friends. They were overwhelmed with gratitude. They suggested that you rename it 'Nurses Life Reference.' ”

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B. Strain, MD - Texas

“..one patient asked if we had a Bible for her to read while she was waiting to be seen. Dr. Strain recalled being sent two Physician Life Reference Bibles by your company and quickly made them available in his waiting area. Within minute’s one Bible completely disappeared and soon afterwards ALL of the patients wanted to read one. They are most impressed by the fact that it looks like a medical book and says ‘by the World’s Greatest Physician’.”

C. Drummond, DO - Pennsylvania

“Thank you for the New Testaments for our patients. We are in the process of developing a much needed dental clinic (“Saving Smiles”) and we want people to know about Jesus. Thank you for helping us to make Him known.”


Chaplain C.S.

“What a blessing you are to our football team. God is using you in a powerful way. I took your Bibles (Life Reference Manuals) and walked around the locker room before a game and each young man openly took one. WOW, you just don’t know how much you ministered to us…”


D. Tasker, MD - Texas

“Today I saw a person dying of AIDS syndrome. The Lord told me before I even saw him to give him a copy of your Physician’s Life Reference with special reference to the Gospel of John. Your Bible enabled him to begin an action plan instead of sleeping 85% of his day. Thank you for allowing me to reach out in my practice by offering these Life References. I will use them in all the cities the Lord is sending me to.”

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