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Eno Edem, 11 Yr Old Student - Nigeria

“I got a gift of a Physician Life Reference bible from my father…as I read pages of References and Preface; I was so moved to thank God for you.   I felt the worst patient’s in this world are the patient’s who are NOT in the hospital and do not know that they are sick. These people are everywhere and in schools. Please send some copies that I might give out to patients in our school. I really appreciate this Bible and may God Bess you too in Jesus Name.”

J. Morrow, DO - Texas

“People of all faiths and walks of life are so honored when I tell them they can have these (Life Reference Manuals) to take home. When I say all faiths, I have a large Muslim component to my medical practice due to the area it is situated. Every day I come into a patient’s room to find whoever has been waiting reading and studying this Bible. Muslims are just as likely to be reading it as a Christian. ….many people who would not have ever had or wanted an opportunity to look at a Bible are curious and they begin looking at the questions in the front when they are waiting.”


Maureen V. - New Jersey

“Thank you so much for the two new Physician’s Life Reference books. I shared one with a co-worker who has just begun her journey.  I carry the other one in my handbag and find myself reading it through the day.”


M. Davidson, RN - Tennessee

“I am a nurse in the cardiac intensive care unit. I need you to know how much the ministry of the Life Reference Bibles have meant to me personally and my patients, family of patients, friends and strangers….God has used these books and the WORD to heal, bless, comfort, save, strengthen, and direct His people-His family!”

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Meghan - New York

“We have been doing bible club for many years now. Bible club is very special to us all. This is my favorite Bible I’ve ever had! I can’t believe it has notes! We are going to be highlighting the verses that we learned and are learning.”


M. Ray

“I happened to be visiting my brother-in-law, in the ICU unit of our hospital and…. he said he had been in church a long time but no one had ever told him how to be saved. As I explained to him God’s plan of salvation he gave his heart to God and prayed the sinner’s prayer. I knew he would have a lot of questions so I impulsively pulled out the Life Reference and showed him how to look up questions he might have…. When I went back to see him, lo and behold, the little testament was dog eared where it had been used over and over. At that moment, I knew this is something I needed to have on hand for other unsaved people the Lord led me to.”


P.W., RN - Murfreesboro, Tennessee

“It is my desire to share Christ with my nursing students so that they may then share with their patients, co-workers, physicians, etc….what a blessing these Bibles are and how perfectly they go with our medical theme.”


Rev. Dekker - Wisconsin

“It is so helpful to have these excellent “References” to give to new converts and families we introduce to Jesus. May the Lord Bless you as you contribute to the understanding to so many questions in our world today, by the answers in God’s Holy Word!”

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R.P., MD - El Paso, Texas

“Thank you very much for the precious Physicians Life Reference Bible. We are excited and privileged to put this out in our front office for patient’s to enjoy in the hopes that it may lead them to eternal life in union with Christ, Jesus.”


R. Vinyard - Oklahoma

“….as I walked into the hospital waiting room yesterday the first thing I saw was the Physician’s Life Reference. I wish I could explain how amazed I was to find this. The minute I picked up the book I started to pray that God would use this tool for His glory and to further His Kingdom here on earth. The book is so well done. I have seen many Bibles and study tools, but this book puts a lot together. It was a great comfort to have while I waited. God and I spent some quality time. I was very touched to see such a book in a waiting room.”

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